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How To Get A Medical Marijuana Card in Arizona

Prescriptions? Permits? Licenses? How do I get to legally buy Marijuana in Arizona?

As it is written, the Proposition relays the legal use of marijuana for medicinal purposes to those in Arizona that suffer from a debilitating disease LIKE Cancer/HIV/AIDs.

Soon, the State Health Department will tighten up the Proposition and make it Law. That’s why it is called a Proposition. It is an idea with a little gray areas for the state to decide. Now, the state may decide to limit Marijuana use for medicinal purposes to those ONLY with Cancer, AIDs, etc. or there will more than likely be a “Doctors Discretion” clause, whereas the doctors are left to decide when to prescribe Medical Marijuana or not.

Some cards in California, are obtained by visiting a doctor for a consultation (FEE avg. $150). From there, the doctor can write a prescription and off you go to the California city county office for another processing fee (as much as $300 in some areas) to obtain the actual card. You must have the card in order to purchase.

I have to imagine, Arizona will follow suit similar here but won’t know how exactly for another few weeks or months.

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