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ARIZONA PATIENTS: Getting A Medical Marijuana License

If you are reading this, you are more than likely wondering how to get a Medical Marijuana license somewhere in Arizona.

Well, let help you. As of our last update on this page [Apr. 7, 2012], this is how the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act works. Yes I have a valid Arizona Patient card myself and personally experienced the legal side of getting marijuana first hand. Check back often and make sure to register for our Patient Newsletter.

STEP 1 – Getting a Medical Marijuana Prescription
Assuming you have a qualifying condition that may require a prescription for medical marijuana [more info on qualifying conditions? click here]. In Arizona, you MUST have a Medical Marijuana Doctor, Physician or Clinic in Arizona (that is, any Board Certified State Licensed Physician) in order to carry out an “evaluation.” This evaluation is a consultation with a medical doctor; whereas you can openly discuss your medical condition under the premise of doctor patient confidentiality. It is not a problem to tell a doctor you have smoked marijuana or currently smoking marijuana. They are doctors and need to know everything in order to properly treat you. These medical marijuana evaluations are given to anyone and price ranged from $70-$150 per appointment. Where can you find a 420 friendly doctor that can view your medical issue? CLICK HERE

STEP 2 – Getting a Medical Marijuana License
Now that you have a prescription from a doctor in Arizona, all applicants must complete an online form through the Arizona Health Departments website ( Costs for the Arizona Medical Marijuana license? $150/annually. Most doctors will help you with this process for a few extra bucks or many include it in their $150 price. The state also has low-income adjustments for those that meet the requirements and may pay less than $150/annually. CLICK HERE to visit the Arizona Department of Health Services website.

STEP 3 – Getting Medical Marijuana
Now, you are able to locate, visit and purchase up to 2.5 OUNCEs of medical grade mairjuana from 1 of the 124 dispensaries in Arizona (currently NOT OPENED). Costs for marijuana vary depending on amount and strand. Alternatively, you can obtain medical marijuana from other patients and caregivers or Compassion Clubs for a “DONATION.” Donations vary depending on strain – and you can find Caregivers and Patient Networks through | | and the AZMarijuana classified section dedicated to Arizona Medical Marijuana Caregivers Only. Where can you find the nearest Medical Marijuana Dispensary in Arizona? CLICK HERE

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