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Medicated Olive Oil CBD/THC Tincture (400mg)

Uncle Herbs Olive Oil CBD THC

Marijuana-infused olive oil is the perfect way to easily, quickly and effectively medicate.

Uncle Herbs’s Medicated Olive Oil CBD/THC Tincture contains 200mg of CBD, 200mg of THC, and 7 grams of cannabis in total.

The 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC provides a relaxing and pain relieving effect that will last a few hours for people with a moderate tolerance. CBD is a strong antioxidant which provides anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and other healing properties; when CBD is combined with THC is has an anti-psychotic effect which helps to counteract the “high” caused by THC.

The flavor is a mild combination of olive oil and marijuana, making it a very appealing option to everyone. The tincture is recommended to be taken sublingually, but could also be mixed into a salad.

Find Uncle Herbs products at Uncle Herbs Health Center dispensary or at other Arizona dispensaries (contact your local dispensaries to inquire if they carry Uncle Herbs products.)

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