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Medicated Olive Oil THC/THC-A Tincture (300mg)

Uncle Herbs Olive Oil THC THC-A
Olive oil that is marijuana-infused provides a delicious way to medicate.

Uncle Herbs’s Medicated Olive Oil THC/THC-A Tincture contains 100mg of THC, 200mg of THC-A, and 5.25 grams of cannabis in total.

THC-A is the precursor to THC; when combined, THC-A provides consumers with the unique healing properties of THC, but with minimal psychoactive effects, or “high,” from the THC, making this product ideal for people who want to limit cognitive effects from medicating.

The tincture tastes like olive oil with a hint of marijuana flavor, making it suitable for most people. The tincture is recommended to be taken sublingually, but could also be mixed into a salad.

Find Uncle Herbs products at Uncle Herbs Health Center dispensary or at other Arizona dispensaries (contact your local dispensaries to inquire if they carry Uncle Herbs products.)

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