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2nd Marijuana Legalization Filing in Arizona for 2016

Arizonans for Responsible Legalization will be the second group to file paperwork with Arizona election officials to register an effort to put recreational marijuana legalization on the 2016 ballot. The first group …

Study: Marijuana May Help with Eating Disorder

It’s no secret that marijuana helps to increase appetite, but its potential to treat anorexia may not quite so simple. What scientists now know is that anorexia actually leads to changes in …

DC Brewery Creates Marijuana Flavored Beer

A District of Columbia beer company has entwined culture and politics into a beer. In celebration of the nation’s capital legalizing marijuana, the DC Brau Brewing Company unveiled a new IPA that …

Vietnam Vet Publicly Condemned by Bill Montgomery

Maricopa County attorney Bill Montgomery and Arizona attorney Mark Victor debate marijuana legalization. But during the debate a Vietnam veteran expresses that he is a medical marijuana patient and recreational marijuana user …

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Posts by Dan "Dank" Kingston, Founder of

Video: Arizona Attorneys Debate Marijuana

Unbelievable!… Be sure to view the segment from 1 hour and 2 minutes to 1 hour and 5 minutes to witness Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery (who is a Vietnam vet) tell a Vietnam vet that he “has no respect for [him]” and that he is an “enemy” of the United States because he uses marijuana!

Are you in need of extra potent medical marijuana? Concentrated marijuana, also know as wax or oil, usually comes with THC levels around 50% – 75%; whereas, typical marijuana strains contain THC …

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Do you want be the owner of the coolest marijuana pipe in town? Well, purchase Pyp Tek’s Prometheus Pocket Pipe and that’s what you’ll be. The Prometheus Pocket Pipe is made in …

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These candy jellies are certainly for adults only. These tasty little candies pack 10mg of THC each and the package contains 10 pieces. These sugary little candies are yummy – they taste …

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Who knew honey could get any better – but it has! Honey infused with marijuana is the only way to improve honey, and you can now find it at dispensaries throughout Arizona. …

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Solopipe: they claim “it’s all you need!” And they are right! SoloPipe is an all-in-one smoking machine that has a refillable butane lighter built-in. Designed to be comfortably palmed, this revolutionary self-igniting …

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If you suffer from aching muscles then you need to try some marijuana-infused muscle relief salve. The salve comes in two sizes: the smaller size contains 165mg of THC while the larger …

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If you like healthier foods then you’ll certainly like this marijuana-infused dried pineapple. Dried fruits are healthy and delicious – and now they can help with chronic pain and sleep too! The …

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If you like to support your country (and the medical marijuana industry) by buying USA-made products, then the Hawaii-founded pipe-maker Celebration Pipes has some great pipes you’ll want to buy. The Lavastonewear …

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