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Growing Elite Marijuana: The Complete Guide

Posted: Apr.08.14  |  Author:  |  Category: Dan's Stash

Grow Elite MarijuanaDo you want to learn how to professionally grow marijuana strains? If so, we have the perfect book for you.

Growing Elite Marijuana: The Complete Guide by Ryan Riley is the comprehensive electronic guide for growing amazing marijuana. Ryan Riley, a marijuana grower, medical marijuana connoisseur and teacher has spent years learning from the best growers on how to grow high-quality medical marijuana strains.

The amount of information incorporated into this eBook is substantial. It has in-depth information for beginners as well as advanced growing techniques and methods for even the most experienced marijuana growers.

The eBook has 12 chapters covering everything about marijuana growing: Marijuana Basics, Lighting, Cannabis, Growing Marijuana, Growing With Soil, Hydroponics, Cloning, Your Grow Area, Growing Outdoors, Cannabis Maintenance, Harvest, and Advanced Growing.

Get the guide: Growing Elite Marijuana: The Complete Guide