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3 States Voting to Legalize Marijuana for Recreational Use

After years of successful implementation of voter-approved medical marijuana regulation in Washington, Oregon, and Colorado, these three states are now attempting to progress to the legalized recreational use of marijuana. The states’ new prospective marijuana laws would have marijuana paralleled to alcohol as a self-regulating, leisure-time substance.

Each state would consist of similar laws that would make marijuana a material left to an adult’s (21 years or older) own discretionary usage. Driving while under the influence of marijuana would be comparable to DUI charges for drinking and driving; although, law enforcement agencies are still confounded with how to accurately verify that someone is in fact under the influence of marijuana the moment while driving. Most states seem to prefer to regulate the marijuana industry through a licensing system. All the states approve the cultivation of marijuana, but differ slightly in their declared regulations.

Retailing and taxing marijuana, just like alcohol, seems to be a well-liked and appealing approach to a likely multi-billion dollar industry for each state. With state revenues down and budding bankruptcies looming around the nation, it is only logical that these states are voting to approve the legalization and taxation of a safe and natural substance like marijuana.

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