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5 Year Old Boy in AZ Set to Become One of Youngest Patients in US

5 Yr Old Marijuana Patient

An autistic 5-year-old boy in Mesa, Arizona, named Zander is set to become one of the youngest patients in the country to be given a medical marijuana card. The card will allow the boy (with a parent) to purchase medical marijuana from Phoenix dispensaries. Currently the child suffers from crippling seizures that stop his breathing, and because of a genetic brain defect, the boy has already undergone two major related surgeries. His parents hope marijuana will help ease the seizures.

The parents said they are willing to try anything that may ease their child’s suffering. “I wouldn’t even be thinking about this if it wouldn’t do something beneficial,” his mom stated. “I don’t want him stoned; I want him better.”

Zander’s parents have been certified as caregivers so that they can buy the medicine for their son. The marijuana treatment is expected to be significantly less than their $5,000-a-month pharmaceutical bill, which is currently picked up by the state of Arizona.

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