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65% of Arizonans Support Recreational Marijuana Legalization

AZ Cannabis Legalization

A new poll found that 65% of Arizonans would vote for the Smart and Safe Arizona Act if it makes it onto the ballot this November. The initiative would legalize marijuana use and possession for adults 21 years and older in Arizona.

The poll by HighGround also found that just 25% said they’d oppose the ballot measure and 9% are still undecided, AZ Mirror reported.

In March, the Smart and Safe Arizona ballot initiative reported that it had already gathered more than 300,000 signatures, well surpassing the 237,645 required to get listed on the ballots in November.

“Voters 50 and older are likely to make up more than half of the Arizona electorate this November,” said HighGround. “Despite reservations that these audiences have indicated in the past, they appear likely to support Smart and Safe Arizona this time around. Voters 50-64 support the proposal with 63% and 65 and older indicated 55% support… In fact, across all demographics, the only subset that did not achieve a majority of support was among those who described themselves as ‘Very conservative.’ Among that audience, the issue was split evenly – 47.6% in favor and 47.6% opposed.”

In 2016, Proposition 205, an initiative attempting to legalize recreational marijuana in Arizona, failed 48.23% to 51.77%. This failure was, in part, due to pro-marijuana Arizonans vying for multiple initiatives instead of compromising on Prop 205, which was by far the most popular initiative with the best chance of winning. If Arizonans had joined forces, Prop 205 would have passed and adults in Arizona could have been enjoying legalized recreational cannabis for the past few years.


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