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77.5% of Consumers Say They Prefer Marijuana Flowers Over Concentrates

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Nearly 80% of cannabis consumers say they prefer cannabis flowers over concentrates, according to a new study by researchers with Arizona State University.

The survey participants had a history of consuming both marijuana flowers and concentrates, NORML reported. Many participants stated that they preferred flowers because concentrates were more likely to result in unwanted side effects, such as anxiety and hangovers.

“Findings showing that marijuana produces greater positive effects than concentrates are consistent with cannabis administration studies documenting that moderate THC doses are preferred to high doses,” the study reported. “The present study suggests that, contrary to concerns, ultra-high THC cannabis, such as concentrates, might not produce greater positive, reinforcing effects relative to lower-THC cannabis, such as marijuana (flower).”

NORML’s Deputy Director Paul Armentano commented that these findings correlate to alcohol consumption because people who consume alcohol typically prefer lower potency beverages, such as beer and wine, over liquor.

Photo: Copperstate Farms

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