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9 Reasons Why Marijuana is Safer than Alcohol

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Alcohol can be very fun to consume and can provide some benefits to society, but when compared to marijuana, it is easy to conclude that marijuana is much safer and more beneficial to society. There are many reasons as to why marijuana is safer and more beneficial than alcohol, but that would make for a really long list. Below is a list of 9 reasons why marijuana is safer than alcohol:

1. Marijuana can curb brain damage, especially damage inflicted by drinking.  Marijuana actually contains properties that can help with preventing brain damage brought on by drinking alcohol.  It can also help treat depression, Alzheimer’s disease, and other brain-related diseases.

2. Marijuana can help treat cancers caused by drinking. Alcohol is a toxin that has the potential to cause breast, liver, colon, and other cancers.  Close to 20,000 cancer related deaths in 2009 were said to be a result of excessive alcohol consumption.  Marijuana has been proven to help alleviate cancer symptoms, and possible stop some cancers.

3.  Alcohol typically causes more aggressive and in turn violent behaviors.  However, marijuana is well known to do the opposite by helping users relax.

4. Alcohol addiction is no joke.  Alcoholism exists virtually everywhere in the world and withdrawals from it can result in death or irreversible brain damage.  While marijuana addiction does exist, it is far less severe than alcohol addiction.

5. Alcohol has killed its users. Marijuana hasn’t.  Alcohol kills 2.5 million people across the globe annually, compared to an astounding zero marijuana related deaths.  It’s pretty obvious which one is more harmful.

6. Alcohol can prevent muscle growth.  Alcohol is known to decrease testosterone and interrupt sleep patterns which can affect muscle growth.

7. Marijuana has medicinal benefits.  There is a long list of ailments marijuana is said to treat, from chronic pain to inflammation.  One can argue that a glass of red wine has anti-oxidant properties, but other than that, alcohol does little to nothing positive for an individual’s well-being.

8. High sex is way better than drunk sex.  After you’ve had a few too many drinks, alcohol gives you a numbing sensation which decreases feeling all over your body.  While this can be good in some situations, like if you were to fall on your face, it’s certainly not optimal when it comes to love making.  However, marijuana increases sensitivity and can make the overall sexual experience more enjoyable.

9. Alcohol consumption often results in bad decisions, while “high” decisions tend to be more thought out.  Alcohol lowers your inhibitions which results in questionable decision making.  Marijuana users typically come to the similar conclusions as sober people, but will likely take them seconds longer to do so.

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