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90% Approval Rating for Medical Marijuana Legalization in Florida

Florida Marijuana Legalization
Legalizing medical marijuana in the state of Florida has close to a 90% approval rating, even though there has been an onslaught of campaigning by the opposition in previous weeks.

Quinnipiac University conducted the survey which showed that voter approval far exceeded the 60 percent needed for this amendment to become a law.  Just 10 percent of people who took the poll said that they opposed legalizing medical marijuana.  Peter Brown, the assistant director of the poll, said “These numbers make a strong bet the referendum is likely to pass.”

It seems as though the sheriff’s department’s campaign against medical marijuana which was launched in April has little effect on the voter’s opinion, as the percentage of supporters has only grown over the last few months.  Another campaign aimed at shooting down the medical marijuana referendum reportedly gathered nearly $3 million in funding over the last 2 months alone.

When polled about legalizing marijuana recreationally in Florida, the numbers dropped down drastically, but were still the majority, with 55 percent In favor.

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