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Arizona Anti-Marijuana Groups Are Co-Hosting an Event in Phoenix on Sept 27

Smart Approaches to Marijuana

The Arizona anti-marijuana propagandist groups MATFORCE and Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy (ARDP) will be hosting an all-day event in Phoenix on Sept 27 at the Four Points by Sheraton hotel to spread their ignorant and false perceptions of marijuana.

These groups accepted donations from the criminally-charged Arizona opioid maker Insys Therapeutics and other local businesses that were used to defeat Prop 205 in 2016, which would have legalized and regulated adult use marijuana in Arizona.

Kathy Inman, an Arizona marijuana advocate from MomForceAZ, remarked: “If Sheila Polk (board member of MATFORCE and ARDP as well as County Attorney for Yavapai County) is truly concerned about our kids, she should first worry about what is taking their lives, and she certainly shouldn’t have accepted half a million dollars from an opioid dealer. Information about Insys was available and reported long before the election.”

These Arizona groups also support the anti-marijuana crusader Kevin Sabet, CEO of the national propaganda-spreading nonprofit Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM). SAM’s website provides wildly contradictory statements to their purpose as an organization; their intention, as noted on their website, says their primary goal is to “stop marijuana legalization and commercialization” because they think it is harmful,  yet the site also states that they wish to “promote research on marijuana in order to obtain FDA-approved, pharmacy-dispensed, cannabis-based medications.”

In fact, SAM’s true goal is to completely prohibit marijuana, which they sum up with this statement from their site: “The marijuana industry is likely to be the Big Tobacco of our time. Let’s prevent another industry from profiting off of addiction.”

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