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Copperstate Farms Launches Two New Cannabis Products in Arizona


Copperstate Farms, a Phoenix-based cannabis company, today announced the launch of two new innovative products: the 0.5-gram Cold Cure Live Rosin All-in-One Cartridge and the Hashies, two 0.5-gram Hash Infused Pre-Rolls. Both new products will be exclusively available at Sol Flower dispensary locations across the Valley.

The Cold Cure Live Rosin All-in-One vape launches on Thursday, February 9 at all Sol Flower locations with a buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) offer on February 9 and 10. The 0.5-gram Cold Cure Live Rosin All-in-One features single-source fresh frozen strains chosen for distinct terpenes and high potency that is pressed to express pure portable rosin into an all-in-one vape. The new Hashies are hash-infused, half-gram pre-rolls that are easy to share with two in each pack. They launched exclusively at Sol Flower dispensaries on February 6.

Sol Flower has five locations in the Phoenix metro area, including Sun City, Tempe McClintockTempe University, Scottsdale, and Deer Valley.

“As concentrates become more popular, Copperstate rises to the occasion with handpicked, hand-trimmed and terpene-rich products,” said Allie Marconi, Marketing Director at Copperstate Farms and Sol Flower Dispensaries. “These two new products continue on Copperstate’s tradition of quality affordable products for today’s cannabis enthusiast.”

Copperstate has produced quality solventless products since the company’s inception in 2016. It now boasts a collection of live rosin, flower rosin, hash rosin and ice-water hash rosin. Known for its unique extraction process, Copperstate’s solventless collection is extracted using only ice, water, heat and pressure to create the most natural, best tasting, 100% solventless rosin. Copperstate’s solventless collection features strains that have been carefully selected and extracted without the use of solvents, creating an authentic flavor and clean experience.

Voted one of the “Best Dispensaries for New Customers” by the Phoenix New Times, Sol Flower offers deals all-year round. For information on each location, including these new deals and other news and discounts, visit

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