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Arizona Group Is Seeking to Legalize Marijuana This November

Safer AZ

There are only a couple of weeks left for the political action committee Safer Arizona to collect the necessary signatures to get the Safer Arizona Cannabis Legalization Act (SACLA) on November ballots. In an effort to obtain the needed signatures, Safer Arizona will be attending events to showcase the initiative and increasing signature gatherers.

Arizonans can sign the petition at locations throughout the state. The last signature gathering event will be on July 5 from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Arizona State Capitol in downtown Phoenix.

To get the initiative on November ballots the group needs 150,625 valid registered voter signatures. They currently have about 100,000 signatures. Their goal is to get 225,000 signatures.

According to Safer Arizona’s website the key points of SACLA are:

  • Makes cannabis legal for adults (21 and older) to use, grow, and sell
  • Legalizes industrial hemp
  • Allows people who are convicted of a cannabis crime to request to be re-sentenced under the new law
  • Allows people who have already served their sentence to request to have the crime expunged from their record
  • Gives equal rights to businesses, small growers, and individuals. (Does not favor large, established companies through unfair restrictions and fees)
  • Prohibits discrimination against drivers, parents, gun owners, or others solely based on their use of cannabis. (Does not affect law enforcement’s ability to prosecute unsafe driving and negligent parenting.)
  • Allows adults to use cannabis freely, the way you can use other legal substances
  • Requires cannabis companies to follow the workplace and other regulations required in their industry (such as farms, bakeries, restaurants, and manufacturing)
  • Requires mandatory testing and labeling for commercial sales
  • Sets up restrictions and fines for selling to people under 21
  • Discrimination based upon someone’s marijuana use would be prohibited, including gun ownership

Photo: @saferaz

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