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Arizona Cannabis Brand to Launch New Product in October

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Phoenix, Arizona-based mainstream cannabis product brand Item 9 Labs is adding a new permanent mainstay to its extensive product line-up. Following the success of its limited edition infused half-gram pre-rolls, the brand is launching 1 gram concentrate infused pre-rolls at participating dispensaries.

Item 9 Labs has been testing limited edition releases of seven half-gram infused pre-rolls in the Phoenix and Tucson markets as the trending industry category continues to maintain consistent triple digit growth throughout the state. The first limited-edition release in October 2021, Mummy Fingers, a crumble-infused pre-roll, sold out in 24 hours and inspired an entire line over the next year, including Badder Up!, Sugar Daze and the most recent Cosmic Crumble. Each release receiving rave reviews from retail partners and consumers alike.

“We are utilizing our wide range of concentrates to propel our intentionally grown flower into different experiences for our consumers and patients to enjoy by expanding their palate and introducing them to new synergistic terpene profiles,” said the brand’s Lab Director, Eric Eisele.

With increasing consumer demand and Item 9 Labs products sold in over 60 percent of medical and recreational Arizona dispensaries, Item 9 Labs is a top 10 brand in the market and one of the leaders in the category. The brand’s 1 gram infused pre-rolls are crafted with award-winning flower and live resin sugar, live resin badder or crumble concentrates which are grown and extracted in-house. Each infused pre-roll is individually packaged and made with ultra-thin, unrefined French paper to ensure a superior marijuana experience.

Item 9 Labs

“Creating the perfect infused pre-roll product is an extensive, yet extremely rewarding process. We strive to stay ahead of the curve and feel inspired when refining our procedures,” said Chris Wolven, chief operating officer of Item 9 Labs. “The launch of our new permanent mainstay is a testament to the brand’s dedication for innovation and commitment to delivering masterfully-crafted cannabis products that our consumers can truly smell, taste and feel the difference.”

The Item 9 Labs infused pre-rolls offer a harmonious blend of intentionally grown flower and premium concentrates for a consistent cannabis experience in every draw. Through thorough research and development, the brand’s expert extraction and cultivation teams created a proprietary process that preserves the integrity of each infused pre-roll through even distribution of concentrate powder throughout award-winning flower.

“Our team works diligently to achieve the highest quality with a rigorous process to dissect our data for terpene profiles, flavor components and certain potencies. We are meticulous in matching the notes and tones of materials with proper formulations and temperatures for what we are striving to achieve at Item 9 Labs,” said the brand’s Vice President of Cultivation, Cory Carter. “We are always dedicated to excellence and are confident that we took our premium flower and turned it into something even more beautiful that stands with the highest product quality.”

For more information on Item 9 Labs and the brand’s wide range of premium cannabis products, visit To find the new 1 gram concentrate infused pre-rolls at a local dispensary, visit Item 9 Labs’ Instagram @item_9_labs

Photo: Item 9 Labs

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