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The Arizona Republic Officially Declares That It Opposes Prop 205

Arizona Republic

The Arizona Republic’s editorial board has started endorsing politicians and ballot initiatives. This week they publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton for president and opposed Prop 205, stating that it is “the wrong way to legalize marijuana” in Arizona.

The Arizona Republic’s editorial board wrote: “While we believe it is responsible to explore the legalization of marijuana, The Arizona Republic opposes Proposition 205 for several reasons.“

Here are the 4 (absurd) reasons why they oppose Prop 205, as stated in their article:

  • It experiments with the health of our children
  • It is a money grab by the medical marijuana industry
  • It would set in concrete drug policy that would be hard to amend with corrective legislation
  • And there is no urgency to do this now

The Republic appears to stay open-minded towards the topic of marijuana legalization, but has some rather ridiculous justifications for opposing Prop 205. For instance, Prop 205 would legalize marijuana for adults ages 21 and older, yet The Republic states that Prop 205 “experiments with the health of our children.” The Republic also claims that legalization is a “money grab by the medical marijuana industry.” Initially, medical marijuana dispensaries will be able to supply recreational marijuana to Arizonans because those dispensaries are already licensed by the state to dispense marijuana; but within a year or so of Prop 205 passing, recreational dispensaries will be in operation and dispensing recreational marijuana. This is by no means a monopoly, it is a logical, safe and regulated method to implement a recreational marijuana market in Arizona.

The Arizona Republic is behaving as though they are under the influence of “reefer madness” propaganda as well as a political agenda which has forced them to oppose Prop 205.


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