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Marijuana Rights for Arizona Residents and Tourists

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Arizonans–whether medical marijuana patients or not–and tourists should know the restrictions and protections that come with the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act. These medical marijuana laws, much like alcohol laws, help keep citizens safer.

Certain Arizona medical marijuana laws apply to all Arizonans (and tourists). In section 36-2811 D.2 of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, it states that no person can be arrested, prosecuted, or penalized for simply being near a medical marijuana patient using medical marijuana. (The patient must have a valid Arizona medical marijuana card and be obeying the law.) Furthermore, a person can only assist a medical marijuana patient in using medical marijuana if the person is the patient’s authorized caregiver and has their caregiver card in their possession.

In section 36-2811 H, it states that if a person applies for or has a registry identification card it does not mean there is probable cause or reasonable suspicion for law enforcement to search that person or their property. But this does not mean a person or their property can never be searched. If law enforcement has probable cause, they are allowed to perform a search. A registry identification card does not protect persons in these cases. Arizona’s law only states that an application or medical marijuana card alone is not enough evidence to claim probable cause or reasonable suspicion.

More Arizona Medical Marijuana Act information can be found here.

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