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Arizona’s Chill Pill THC Soft Gels Provide Alternative to Smoking Cannabis

Chill Pills Arizona

The Arizona cannabis marketplace is a nearly $1.4 billion industry, and as cannabis consumption gains more mainstream acceptance, a growing number of health-conscious consumers are looking for an alternative way to enjoy the benefits of cannabis without the drawbacks of smoking.

The Arizona-based Chill Pill brand, an expansive line of easy-to-swallow THC soft gels, is the latest solution for healthful consumers who are seeking alternative consumption methods that offer rapid uptake and controlled dosing without the risks associated with smoking and vaping, or the unpredictable intensity of sugary edibles that can take hours to work.

Available in a variety of strengths and strains, with effects ranging from highly responsive to highly relaxed, Chill Pill soft gels offer consumers better options to control onset timing, intensity and duration of desired effects. In addition, Chill Pill THC soft gels provide precise dosing, measured twice, once before encapsulation and once after the soft gel is created, resulting in higher quality, more consistent products.

“Consumers look to THC soft gels as a way to receive the many benefits of cannabis without the drawbacks that can often come with smoking,” said Francis Baczek, V.P of Business Development at Ally Biotech. “Chill Pill soft gels stand out against other edible consumption methods with their precision dosing and, for health-minded consumers conscious of their sugar intake, they are made without the added sugar often found in other edible products.”

Because of all of its benefits, the cannabis capsule marketplace is experiencing exponential growth and is expected to continue to grow an estimated 18 percent by 2027, according to Data Bridge Market Research.

The Chill Pill soft gels line offers a variety of formulations, including:

– Day Caps: a CBG and sativa dominant formula.

– Anytime Caps: a hybrid formulation that combines sativa and indica.

– Night Caps: a CBN and indica dominant formula.

– Anytime Caps + CBD : a 1:1 blend of THC and CBD.

– THC-A: Non-intoxicating symptom relief with no psychoactive effects.

For more information about the Chill Pill, and to stay up to date with new innovations  coming soon to a dispensary near you, visit

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