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Australia is Growing World’s Strongest Marijuana

Australia Marijuana

Most people would expect places like California or Amsterdam to be the leaders in growing high-potency marijuana, but research has revealed it’s actually Australia that grows the most potent marijuana on Earth.

Samples taken from the street market in Australia measured 15 percent THC on average, and the most potent marijuana measured as high as 40 percent THC. To put that into perspective, dispensaries generally sell marijuana with THC levels ranging from 12 – 24 percent.

Recreational users will likely see this as good news, but high levels of THC are a drawback for people who use marijuana for medical purposes. This is because the levels of CBD (a potent anti-inflammatory) usually decrease when THC levels increase, which was another finding in the research study.

In countries such as Israel, where marijuana research and medical marijuana are legal, marijuana is being bred for medicinal purposes to contain as much as 15 percent CBD and less than 1 percent THC.

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