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New AZ Law: No Medical Marijuana on University Campuses

Gov Brewer signed a bill into law last week that bans patients from using medical marijuana on the campuses of state universities and community colleges.

Supporters said the Arizona law was designed to protect federal funding for institutions of higher education. Which they argue was somehow threatened by medical marijuana use in state schools.

“With the health and safety of Arizona’s students, as well as literally hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, this legislation is critically necessary,” State Representative Amanda Reeve said. “Our children and adult students are far too important to risk. I’m proud to say we acted swiftly and decisively when confronted by this obvious concern.” Rep Reeve continued to explain that there is more than $666 million in federal dollars could be jeopardized if Arizona allowed medical marijuana on its higher education campuses.

According to a spokesman for Brewer, the drug has “no place on a college campus,” and that “marijuana remains a federal controlled substance, regardless of whether it is being used as a medicinal agent.”

The bill received bipartisan support in the State Legislature. If unchallenged, the law will take effect this summer.

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