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Federal Court Puts DEA Above the Law


A federal court had decided that the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) cannot be held liable in the event a sting operation goes amiss, resulting in monetary loss, property damage and loss of life to American citizens. U.S. District Judge Lee Rosenthal issued the verdict, which essentially strips the DEA of any responsibility if any of their dimwitted drug war plans wreaks havoc on civil society.

In one case, a judge determined that Craig Patty, the owner of a small trucking company, was not entitled to any reparations over a botched DEA sting operation that caused more than $100,000 in damages to one of only two trucks in his fleet, as well as the tragic death of his employee.

The ruling comes just weeks before the case was set to be heard in federal court, which some are arguing is a feeble attempt by the government to prevent this horrific debacle from causing any further embarrassment.

The DEA’s decision to proceed with such an operation is “entirely discretionary, and not mandated by any statute, rule, or policy,” according to the ruling. Whether and how to conduct such an undercover investigation and operation is necessarily discretionary in nature. Agents “did not try to give advance notice to Patty that the Task Force would be using his truck because of the operation’s covert nature, the risks of injury and potential for damage if something went wrong, and the uncertainty about whether other individuals (including Patty) could be trusted.”

The verdict shocked Patty’s attorneys, who said it translates into citizens not being able to sue the federal government. What’s more is that it suggests that government agencies have the right to use citizens’ personal property and put citizens in harms way in order to conduct drug war missions without first obtaining permission or without being held accountable.

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