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Improve Your Sleep By Using This CBD Dosage and Method

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CBD administration is associated with improvements in sleep quality and immune cell function, according to placebo-controlled data published in the journal Nutrients.

Investigators affiliated with the University of Northern Colorado compared CBD versus placebo in a cohort of 28 healthy, college-aged individuals. Study participants consumed either 50 mg of CBD or placebo prior to bedtime for eight weeks.

Investigators reported that subjects demonstrated both subjective and objective improvements in sleep quality following CBD treatment.

Authors concluded: “We demonstrate that the daily ingestion of 50 mg CBD, 1–1.5 hours before sleep onset, leads to significantly improved perceived sleep quality compared with a placebo control. Additionally, … we provide evidence that daily CBD supplementation for eight weeks enhances NK [Natural Killer] cell cytotoxicity against a malignant human leukemic cancer cell line. Collectively, these data suggest that eight weeks of CBD supplementation enhances perceived sleep and improves systemic immunosurveillance through the enhancement of NK cell cytotoxic function.”

Prior studies have shown that cannabinoids, including THC and CBD, possess potent anti-cancer properties in cellular models, NORML reported. A review of 34 human trials assessing the use of CBD in patients with sleep disorders concluded, “CBD alone or with equal quantities of THC may be beneficial in alleviating the symptoms of insomnia.”

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