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Industry Blazers: Philip “Miles” Baca of Firebrand Infusions

Firebrand Infusions

Industry Blazers is a periodic Q&A that spotlights Arizona’s talented medical marijuana professionals who influence and grow the industry.  Brought to you by a collaboration between and Proven Media. Do you know someone that is an Industry Blazer in Arizona? If so, email us their name and contact info.

Philip “Miles” Baca | Co-Founder of Firebrand Infusions

In 2013, Philip co-founded Firebrand Infusions with his partner, Rudy Alarcon. Firebrand Infusions has a diverse line that includes house-grown flower, extracts and vape cartridges that are available in dispensaries throughout Arizona.

Philip’s journey into medical marijuana began in 2010 when Arizona voters approved Proposition 203. With a few years to go before dispensaries would begin to open, a quest to help a family member manage chronic nausea left little in the way of options other than patient-to-patient networking.

This lead to a small home grow and an ever growing group of new friends. After seeing first hand how successful marijuana was at treating not only chronic nausea, but other debilitating conditions as well, there was one obvious problem – it’s not always convenient for a patient to smoke marijuana.

Edibles were an option, but almost nonexistent at the time. While recipes could be found back then, they left unreliable results. Potency was a dice roll and somewhere between disappointing and terrifying. Taste usually wasn’t much better than bearable.

Knowing there had to be a better way, this lead into what became an obsession with extractions and infusions. Philip spent countless hours researching, experimenting and developing the techniques and recipes for what would become Firebrand Infusions – a brand created with the vision of delivering a quality, consistent product that tasted good and had lab verified THC content.


What about you or your company gets the most praise from customers?
The quality of our products. It has been our primary focus since conception and it’s always nice to have someone recognize it.

What is your favorite marijuana event? Why?
I don’t know that I have a favorite, but recently having the opportunity to be a sponsor of CannaMexico was definitely a high point. In the United States, we don’t hear much positive talk when it comes to Mexico and cannabis. Having the chance to meet some very smart people who are passionate about cannabis and excited for what’s to come in their country was a lot of fun.

What is your favorite marijuana product, strain or flavor?
I can honestly say it’s our own Real Live Vape carts, specifically Candyland. It contains 100% Live Resin that tastes like an extract of the flower it came from, because it is. No artificial terpene profiles.

Tell us your favorite thing about being a part of the marijuana business community?
I love that we’re making history. I’ve been able to be a part of the birth and evolution of legal marijuana in my home state of Arizona. What was once just a crazy teenage fantasy, became reality. It definitely hasn’t been easy, but I can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing and I am extremely grateful to the voters of Arizona for making it possible.

Who are your business idols and role models? Why?
Elon Musk. The projects he is taking on… just wow.

What was the greatest obstacle you overcame to succeed?

What is in your playlist that would surprise people who know you?
Slayer has been in there over 30 years. I’m probably more surprised than anyone who knows me.

What was your last social media post?
I’ve never really adapted to social media. It has become an important tool in business, but I tend to shy away from it.

What superhero trait would you most like to have?
Too easy! Time travel.

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