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Marijuana More Than Twice as Potent Today Than in Past

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According to the results of a new test, the marijuana available today can be more than twice as potent as marijuana cultivated in the past.

THC, the psychoactive component in marijuana, can contain about 10% THC or up to 30%; whereas, average THC levels from a few decades ago ranged at 10% or less.

Although, the most important recent findings in marijuana show that CBD (cannabidiol) is the real medicinal powerhouse found in marijuana. But, this powerhouse needs THC to fully provide all possible medicinal benefits.

“Cannabinoids are a single component of what is active in the medicinal properties of [the marijuana] plants,” said Anthony Fabrizio, a marijuana chemistry expert. Multiple other compounds contribute to these properties, working “synergistically together, almost like a football team,” he noted.

Most dispensaries provide a large array of marijuana, often times carrying over 40 marijuana strains in order to provide for all customers’ needs.

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