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Montgomery Calls on Trump to Eradicate Legal Dispensaries

Bill Montgomery Marijuana Crusader

Bill Montgomery campaigned against Proposition 205 – which was narrowly defeated last month – and now he is calling for president-elect Donald Trump to crack down on dispensaries that are legally selling recreational and medical marijuana.

Bill Montgomery thinks the federal government is obligated to crack down on legally-operating marijuana businesses, reports CBS 5 Arizona. He said, “I think the next attorney general of the United States can issue an order through a letter giving people 90 days to turn their inventory over to local law enforcement for destruction.”

At a November 30th press conference, Montgomery said, “We ought to end the charade, and this next administration has an opportunity to do that.”

Following the November election, 28 states in the U.S. have legalized marijuana for either recreational and/or medicinal use. The Obama administration maintained a rather hands-off approach by not interfering with states’ rights.

Trump recently chose Jeff Sessions as the incoming U.S. Attorney General, which has already raised a lot of eyebrows because Sessions is adamantly against marijuana – in any form.

Trump has not provided any indications of what his plans regarding marijuana are, but has stated that he believes in states’ rights and had no intentions to interfere with states’ rights. JP Holyoak, a local medical marijuana dispensary owner, believes that Trump will leave the issue alone.

Holyoak said, “There’s always a concern with any political change, but the reality is we now have 28 states that have marijuana laws in violation of federal laws. More than half the country’s population lives in a state that (has) some form of legalization.”

Holyoak also believes that Arizona would be very low on the radar in terms of enforcing federal marijuana laws. He said, “The lowest priority would be medical (marijuana) states. Right now, there are eight states that have full adult use. If (the Trump administration) has a priority list, I would think those states would be first on the list.”

Photo: Tom Tingle/The Republic

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