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Parents Across USA Are Fighting to Reschedule Marijuana

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Parents of children suffering from epilepsy across the United States have written countless letters to Attorney General Eric Holder in hopes that the Department of Justice will consider rescheduling marijuana from a Schedule 1 substance to a Schedule 3 or lower, thus acknowledging that marijuana does have medicinal properties. They have even expressed the intention of meeting with Holder in person if he will allow it.

Over the last few years, medical marijuana has shown to be extremely beneficial to people suffering from epileptic seizures; however, with marijuana still being classified as a Schedule 1 substance (which means the government claims it has no medicinal benefits) there have been some truly terrible instances of patients, including children, being mistreated. There have been certain situations where children have been kicked out of hospitals or denied care from their primary physicians because they have chosen to seek comfort through the use of medical marijuana. Now to clarify, the form of marijuana that the children are ingesting is a concentrated oil, high in CBD, which has therapeutic properties and is not psychoactive.

There are mounting cases of parents who have uprooted their families in order to move to states with more lenient stances on medical marijuana. Parents are speculating: Instead of putting caring parents on the line by having to break the law to bring a potentially lifesaving cure to their child in need, why not just take a look at the scientific facts proving marijuana has remarkable medicinal properties, and help the over one million Americans suffering from chronic seizures due to epilepsy?

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