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New Petition Seeks to Stop Facebook’s Marijuana Discrimination

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Facebook has become one of the most popular tools in the world for gathering information and connecting to like-minded groups or individuals. Unfortunately, Facebook has a history of actions and policies that negatively impact state-licensed cannabis businesses and marijuana policy reform advocates, even as the majority of U.S. states have legally regulated marijuana for medical or adult use through laws that continue to see growing public support.

In addition to rejecting advertising from legal marijuana businesses, Facebook is also unfairly suspending pages and/or “shadow banning” search results for legally-operating businesses and organizations like ours on its platform, making it difficult for supporters to find us and see our content. Meanwhile, Facebook never suspends or bans marijuana prohibitionists from their platform.

Facebook should know better. Poll after poll shows that an overwhelming majority of Americans oppose marijuana prohibition. Dozens of states have legalized marijuana in one form or another. By restricting legal marijuana businesses and advocacy organizations from fully utilizing their site, Facebook is siding with prohibitionists.

Sign this petition and urge Facebook to stop its discriminatory practices.

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