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Plans for an Old Town Scottsdale Dispensary Are Fading Fast

Sunday Goods

Sunday Goods, a medical marijuana dispensary to-be, had its sights set on a location in Old Town Scottsdale, but local business owners are fighting against it saying it’ll “change the character of the neighborhood.”

The Scottsdale City Council seems to agree with the local business owners, according to AZCentral, and it is starting to look like Sunday Goods will have to find a new location.

This would leave the area of the Tempe/Scottsdale border all of the way up to Via De Ventura and the 101 without a dispensary, which means patients in that area will have to continue traveling further to get medicine.

Sunday Goods would share a building with two bars, Social Tap and Gilligins. Given the known alcohol-infused partying nature of that area in Old Town Scottsdale, it could be seen as hypocritical of the local business owners to loathe a medical marijuana dispensary opening nearby.

Jason Rose, spokesperson for Sunday Goods, said, “All of a sudden they’re concerned about morality in the neighborhood?”

Sunday Goods was awarded a license in 2017 to open a dispensary in South Scottsdale. The dispensary chose the Old Town location on Fifth Avenue because it was the best potential location.

Sunday Goods will need a yes vote from 5 of the 7 Scottsdale City Council members to move proceed with their plans. As of now, it seems like the council members are split.

“I think we can do better,” said a local. “Access should be improved so that people don’t have to drive up to north Scottsdale for their pain medication.”

Photo: Sunday Goods

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