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PTSD to Become Qualifying Condition on New Year

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Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) will become an Arizona medical marijuana qualifying conditionĀ onĀ Jan. 1, 2015. AndĀ Southwest Medical Marijuana Evaluation CenterĀ (SWMMEC) is set to help expedite PTSD candidatesā€™ medical marijuana evaluation process which will allow the qualifying candidates to get their medical marijuana cards as soon as it is legally possible.

SWMMEC pre-qualifies all candidates for medical marijuana cards for free.Ā PTSD candidates can pre-pay for an appointment with SWMMEC for the first week of January, when the doctor will finalize the paperwork needed toĀ make the PTSD candidates medical marijuana patients.

PTSD candidates will receive a discount for pre-paying and scheduling their January 2015 appointment at SWMMEC. Typically, medical marijuana evaluations cost $125 at SWMMEC, but pre-paying will only costĀ $60. This discount expires at the end of the first week of January.

Contact SWMMEC here for details

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