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The Future of Marijuana Dispensaries in the United States

Women Marijuana

States throughout the USA are quickly adapting to pro-marijuana laws because science is revealing its many medical benefits, and economies and societies improve where it’s legalized. For these reasons, Americans continue to vote to end marijuana prohibition, which has led to presidential candidates debating marijuana legalization as a major topic right alongside global warming, terrorism and taxes.

Over forty states have passed some type of medical marijuana law, while four states and the District of Columbia have adult-use recreational marijuana laws.

Such a rapidly growing demand for marijuana legalization will eventually lead to federal marijuana legalization; although, federal medical marijuana legalization is more likely to occur before federal recreational marijuana legalization. Either way, dispensaries will ultimately change due to new, lenient marijuana legislation and an inevitable increase in demand.

More Women

The majority of dispensaries’ customers are male, but in the future more women will begin to use marijuana due to political and social stigmas changing in favor of marijuana.

Array of Products

Most dispensaries carry a few paraphernalia items such as vaporizers, pipes, and bongs; but in the future dispensaries will carry a larger selection of all these products. Head shops, or smoke shops, are closing throughout the country due to laws limiting them from selling paraphernalia products that are directly related to marijuana, and they are losing profits as hundreds to thousands of new dispensaries and vaporizer stores open throughout the country and sell similar products.

Branded Products

Celebrities are endorsing products such as vaporizers, websites, apps, marijuana strains, and more. Brand name products by celebrities such as Bob Marley, Willie Nelson, Snoop Dogg, and others will likely dominate aspects of the marijuana industry.

Educational Portals

Many dispensaries will offer free educational classes to customers. Currently, states with pro-marijuana laws offer little to no educational materials on marijuana, forcing them to search Google to learn about marijuana strains, consumption methods and amounts, and how to find state-legal marijuana doctors or dispensaries. Currently, startups are capitalizing on this demand for information via websites and apps that help consumers find local and/or national information and resources pertaining to marijuana.

More Technology

As technology in the marijuana industry continues to improve, the human workforce at dispensaries will become limited. New technology, from nearly fully-automated cultivation centers to electronic customer service stations, will replace human jobs. Although, demand for dispensary delivery services will likely increase and create many new jobs for drivers.

On-Site Consumption

Colorado is attempting to pass legislation that will allow certain businesses to have a marijuana consumption area (similar to a bar having a cigarette smoking area), whereas Alaska is attempting to allow dispensaries to have in-store consumption areas for customers. Currently, in pro-marijuana states, it is only legal for people to consume marijuana on private property, but as the U.S. becomes more marijuana-friendly, laws will begin to allow people to consume marijuana in more places.

Mass Market

As pro-marijuana laws continue to spread throughout the U.S. the marijuana industry will eventually evolve from having limited resources to mass market resources. Advertising for marijuana-related businesses is generally only allowed on marijuana-specific publications, such as Hemp American Media Group’s network of state-specific marijuana industry websites. Due to federal laws, dispensaries are forced to be cash-only businesses. Recently, the fed has allowed banks to work with marijuana businesses, but the banks and dispensaries dislike the strict and expensive regulations involved. In the near future, banking laws – which will also allow for the use of credit cards at dispensaries – will change to accommodate the legalized, multi-billion dollar marijuana industry.


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