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The Science of Psychedelics & Spiritual Medicine Conference in Arizona on April 28-30


The time for Psychedelics has come. The upcoming Science of Psychedelics & Spiritual Medicine conference on April 28-30 at the Herberger Theatre in Phoenix, aims to showcase the overwhelming body of research showing psychedelic medicines have an extraordinary ability to heal all manner of psychological disorders.  With 1 in 7 people in the world (42 million people in the US and 1.1 billion worldwide) suffering from mental illness of some kind, the need for help is clear.

The inspiration for the conference came from one of the founders Dan Horner whose own experience with the healing powers of psychedelics was life changing and lifesaving.  “As a veteran with severe suicidal depression, I had tried everything.  After using Ayahuasca, a plant-based treatment in Latin America, and micro dosing I have had no depression whatsoever”. The other founding partners Nate Lipton and Alec Mitchell have also seen the power of these cures and are committed to providing a forum where important information can be shared by renowned experts in the field. “The three of us are part of this growing movement and want to put a spotlight on this knowledge to help lift people out of the mental and emotional difficulties that plague most of society at some point or another, lift the already healthy with powerful tools, and remove the stigma associated with these medicinal methods. Additionally, we anticipate ballot measures in Arizona in the near future for the decriminalization of psychedelics and approved use of psychedelic-based medicines for therapeutic purposes.  It’s important to educate Arizonans so they can make informed voting decisions”.

Long seen by modern society as a way to ‘get high’ and escape from life’s difficulties, current research has shown that psychedelics actually produce the exact opposite effect: they direct those who use them inward to heal to alleviate mental disorders by addressing the source of trauma and psychological patterns.

These tools have been used since the early stages of recorded history. In the recent NY Times Bestselling book, the “Immortality Key”, author Brian Muraresku talks about the use of psychedelics in ancient Greece. Additionally, Native tribes have used them as sacred medicines in the Amazon for a minimum of 1000 years and Native Americans have used Peyote in a similar way.

The proliferation of psychedelic medicine information continues to grow. Currently research is being conducted at 309 universities including top level institutions Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Yale, Stanford, USC, Berkeley, ASU, University of Arizona, and others around the world. Oregon has recently legalized therapy with psilocybin, the chemical compound in magic mushrooms, and is rolling out the therapy in clinics this year.  Denver passed similar legislation in 2022.

More recently books and films like Michael Pollan’s NY Times bestselling book “How to Change Your Mind” and companion Netflix Series as well as “Fantastic Fungi” also on Netflix, have brought psychedelics back to the mainstream.

The three-day conference features and impressive lineup of world-renowned experts in the field of psychedelic and spiritual medicine:

– Zach Leary the Son of Timothy Leary, Harvard Professor who led the LSD revolution in the 60’s and who Richard Nixon called the most dangerous man in America

– Rick Doblin the founder of MAPS, creating the first Drug Company that is a Public Benefit Corporation and first national level legalization of a psychoactive.  Recently featured nationally in the NY Times, Fox Business News Live and in the Netflix Documentary Series “How to Change Your Mind” 

– Hamilton Morris, host of Vice TV’s “Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia” also on Hulu

– Aubrey Marcus, NY Times Bestselling Author of “Own the Day, Own Your Life” with one of the world’s most successful podcasts the Aubrey Marcus Podcast (50 million downloads) featured in Forbes, and on the front cover of Men’s Health.  Founder & CEO of Onnit a $400 Million Lifestyle Brand and business partner of Joe Rogan.

– William Leonard Pickard, known as the LSD king, he manufactured at one point 90 percent of the world’s LSD and was jailed for life until granted compassionate release during covid.

– Louie Schwartzberg, Director of Fantastic Fungi and the Recently Released Moving Art available on Netflix

– James Fadiman, former Stanford Researcher featured in the series ‘How to Change Your Mind’ on Netflix.  The inventor of Microdosing in the 1960’s.  Psychedelics and Innovation and Creativity Expert.

– Joe Tafur, MD Phoenix doctor researching the epigenetics effects of MDMA and an Ayahasca researcher.  He is also a trained Ayahuasca Shaman. Featured in the documentary “The Song that Calls You Home”

– Deran Young, Founder of Black Therapists Rock, contributor to the NY Times Bestselling book by Brene Brown and Tarana Burke ‘You Are Your Best Thing’.

– Dr. Lia Jiannine, Host of PBS Florida’s show Sex Talk on the Health Channel

Tickets for both in person and virtual attendance to the Science of Psychedelics & Spiritual Medicine are now on sale with special early-bird pricing.  Fees include all seminars over the 3-day conference. Schedule details will be available on the website after April 1. For the complete list of speakers, conference schedule and pricing visit Photos and interviews available upon request.

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