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These 5 States Have the Most Cannabis Dispensaries

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Medical and recreational cannabis markets are flourishing across the United States. Nearly 40 states have passed some form of a medical marijuana law and nearly 15 states have passed a recreational marijuana law.

Of those states, Oregon has the most dispensaries per capita with 16.5 dispensaries per 100,000 people, Verilife reported.

  • 1. Oregon (16.5/100,000)
  • 2. Oklahoma (15.6/100,000)
  • 3. Montana (15.1/100,000)
  • 4. Colorado (14.1/100,000)
  • 5. Alaska (12.7/100,000)

 “It’s interesting to note that while Oklahoma has the most marijuana dispensaries per capita, it has generated the least amount of tax revenue from cannabis out of all the states where marijuana is legal,” Verilife noted. “The state is home to nearly 600 dispensaries but generated only $70,000 from marijuana in 2018.”

Surprisingly, some of the states with the largest marijuana industries rank quite low on the list:

  • Arizona (1.4/100,000)
  • California (1.6/100,000)
  • Florida (1.1/100,000)
  • Maine (0.6/100,000)
  • Massachusetts (1.0/100,000)

These 4 states are the most likely to legalize recreational cannabis in 2020.

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