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This Arizona City Has the Cheapest Gym Membership in US

A new research study found that the least expensive gym memberships in the United States are in Mesa, Arizona.

The research, conducted by fitness resource analyzed data from cost-of-living site Numbeo to discover the average price of a gym membership across a list of 80 US cities.

Mesa is the cheapest area in the country for a gym membership with the average monthly fee for one adult being $18.29 per month. This is $26.69 cheaper than the country’s average of $44.98.

Placing second is Memphis, Tennessee with an average monthly cost of $22.44. Cleveland, Ohio ranks third. Residents in this area pay $23.11 per month, on average. Las Vegas, Nevada comes in fourth at $26.14 per month, nearly $19 cheaper than the US average.

New York ranks as having the most expensive fitness club monthly fee of $106.06 per month.

A study from 2019 found that most marijuana consumers are physically active. The study found that 50% say that physical activity plays an important role in their personal care and that 58% engage in physical activity on at least a weekly basis – a significantly greater percentage than people who don’t use cannabis.

Another study included data from 600 marijuana users in Colorado, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and California and found that 80% of marijuana consumers use marijuana either before and/or after a workout.

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