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2 Marijuana Brands in Arizona Made the “22 Best Brands of 2022” List

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Cannabis brands are quickly starting to expand throughout the country, so, for 2022, High Times decided to make a list of the “22 Best Brands of 2022.” Two of the companies that made the list have products available in Arizona. And one of them (Sunday Goods) is based out of Arizona. Here are those two companies:

Sunday Goods

Sunday Goods, owned by its parent company The Pharm, is based in Arizona and focuses on producing quality cannabis combined with feel-good vibes, High Times wrote. Although Arizona is often associated with brutally hot temperatures, Sunday Goods and The Pharm’s flower is grown in a 7-acre, 300,000-square-foot Dutch glass greenhouse in Willcox, Arizona. The climate in Willcox is mild compared to other parts of the state and often sees more rainfall than Phoenix or Tucson, making it a good place to grow quality cannabis (although many other agricultural goods thrive there as well).

Sunday Goods also has two dispensaries in Arizona.


Wyld is one of the most recognizable and popular cannabis edibles brands, High Times wrote. Praised for its consistency across multiple markets (it began in Oregon but has since spread to Arizona, California, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Washington), Wyld earned its place as a top brand by producing a line of fruit-forward gummies.

According to Wyld Corporate Communications Specialist Rachael Smith, there are three flavors in particular that consumers have fallen in love with:

“Our top three national bestsellers are elderberry 2:1 THC:CBN indica-enhanced, raspberry sativa-enhanced, and huckleberry hybrid-enhanced gummies,” Smith says. “Most states follow this same trend with elderberry leading the pack. Recent sales data shows Wyld leading the country nationally with the top six edible products in the U.S. and with nine products in the top 20—more than any other single brand.”

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