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What Every Marijuana User Needs to Know Before Getting Surgery

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New information reveals that regular marijuana users may need more anesthesia to get sedated for surgeries than non-users.

A study discovered that people who use cannabis on a daily or weekly basis needed more than triple the amount of the popular anesthetic propofol than non-users, KHN reported.

“The bottom line is, if you’re a chronic user of marijuana, you are more resistant to anesthetics, both those that put you to sleep, like propofol, and those that keep you asleep, like various anesthesia gases,” said anesthesiologist Dr. Jeffrey Uppington.

An Arizona woman who uses marijuana regularly, and on the day of her wisdom teeth extractions, said it caused her to wake up during her procedure, Mic noted.

“I had no idea it was going to affect the anesthesia,” she said.

Her oral surgery also left her so groggy that she doesn’t remember leaving the surgeon’s office or the 45-minute car ride home.


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