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When Can People Legally Buy Cannabis in Arizona via Prop 207?

AZ Marijuana 2020

The Smart and Safe Arizona Act

Arizona voters passed Prop 207, the Smart and Safe Arizona Act (SSAA), by 60% to 40% on Nov 3, 2020 to legalize and regulate recreational marijuana in the state for adults 21 and older. The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act (AMMA), which was passed into law by voters in 2010, will be unaffected by the SSAA.

“It’s decriminalized once the initiative passes and is certified by the Secretary of State, but legal sales won’t begin until around March of 2021,” Stacey Pearson, Campaign Manager for Smart and Safe Arizona, told 12 News.

“Maricopa County Attorney’s Office (MCAO) will be dismissing all pending and unfiled charges of possession of marijuana and any associated paraphernalia charges that are before this office,” the MCAO stated on Nov 9.

Can People Legally Possess Marijuana in Arizona?

Recreational marijuana possession became legal in Arizona on Nov 30, 2020 when the Arizona Secretary of State certified Prop 207’s ballots. Adults 21 and older can now possess up to one ounce of marijuana with no more than 5 grams being concentrates (extracts).

Can People Legally Use Marijuana in Arizona?

Recreational marijuana use became legal in Arizona on Nov 30, 2020 when the Arizona Secretary of State certified Prop 207’s ballots. Adults (21 and older) from Arizona and out-of-state or out-of-country visitors can now use marijuana legally.

When Can People Legally Buy Recreational Marijuana in Arizona?

Dispensaries will be able to legally sell recreational marijuana once they get licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), which will likely be in March 2021. The new law also states that no matter what dispensaries can begin selling marijuana by April 5, 2021. Many medical marijuana dispensaries will get licensed to sell both medical and recreational marijuana from their current location. Some recreational-only dispensary locations will also open.

Where Can People Consume Marijuana in Arizona?

Marijuana can be used on private property in Arizona. It remains illegal to use marijuana in public places (restaurants, bars, parks, etc), however, possession in public is legal. It is also illegal to possess or use marijuana on any federal land (Grand Canyon, national parks or forests, etc).

Can People Legally Grow Marijuana in Arizona?

Home cultivation of marijuana is legal in Arizona now that the ballots are certified. Home cultivation is limited to six plants per individual’s primary residence and 12 plants at a residence where two or more persons 21 or older live.

How Much Will Recreational Marijuana Cost in Arizona?

Recreational marijuana prices will be determined by dispensaries. There will be a 16% state excise tax placed on all recreational marijuana sales, plus any applicable local taxes (which typically range between 6% and 9%). Medical marijuana prices may decrease, which has been the case in many other states that have passed a recreational marijuana law after a medical marijuana law. There is not an excise tax when medical marijuana patients purchase marijuana from dispensaries.

Can Employees Use Recreational Marijuana During Off Hours in Arizona?

Yes, however, Arizona employers do have the right to maintain a drug-free workplace. Arizonans will need to investigate this issue with their employer to avoid losing their job.

What Are Other Common Names for Marijuana?

Marijuana is oftentimes referred to as cannabis, weed, or pot.

What Are the Medical Marijuana Laws in Arizona?

Arizona medical marijuana patients can legally purchase, possess and use marijuana if they have a valid medical marijuana card. Arizona currently has around 120 medical marijuana dispensaries.

AZ Cannabis 2020

View details about Arizona’s new recreational marijuana law: the Smart and Safe Arizona Act

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