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Acrylic Water Pipe With Color Stripes Review

This tall bad boy water pipe is made of durable acrylic and stands about 14 inches tall. What we like about this beautiful acrylic water pipe is that it goes beyond its eye-catching quadruple colored stripes gracefully combined with its old school appeal, power and simplicity. We prefer all those features, but we really like the way this cannon hits. With its slender easy grip mid section, this acrylic smooth bore shot guns through ice cubes as if it had a turbo-charger.

The slender agronomic design delivers cool, electrified vortices of chronic haze directly to your brain with long range accuracy. Easy to clean acrylic, this durable water pipe is an excellent addition to your arsenal. This naturally comes with a metal down-tube, basic bowl, mouthpiece ring, rubber grommet and extra wide base for stability. Designed to handle bigger bowl accessories or chilam attachments, you can accommodate any size party with this turbo-charged cannabis cannon.

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