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Bud Bomb Pipe

Bud Bomb Pipe

The Bud Bomb 2000 Metal Hand Pipe is Gold Plated!

Are you a little more serious about cooling systems now that you know they work? Check out this gold plated Bud Bomb 2000 metal hand pipe. The Bud Bomb 2000 is truly a revolutionary pipe design.

This machine cools down your hits so you swear you just did a bong hit. The Bud Bomb 2000 achieves this by integrating a hermetically sealed matrix of heat extracting helical pathways through the center of the metal pipe.

The Bud Bomb 2000 can be cleaned by separating the four sections, mouth piece, cooling helical chamber, main cover and the bowl chamber and rinse with warm water. Order your unique Bud Bomb 2000 Gold Plated Edition now!

Get yours TODAY!

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