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The Solopipe Review

Solopipe Review

Solopipe: they claim “it’s all you need!” And they are right!

SoloPipe is an all-in-one smoking machine that has a refillable butane lighter built-in. Designed to be comfortably palmed, this revolutionary self-igniting smoking pipe is well designed to make lighting up easier for disabled persons or when it’s convenient to use one hand. Featuring a hermetically sealing sliding bowl cover, refillable gas valve, and adjustable flame control, you only need to pre-load this novel little pipe for on-the-fly enjoyment.

The SoloPipe also comes with its own cleaning kit, which includes 3 screens, a cleaning brush and a SoloPick- A smokin’ pipe that’s ideal for camping, hunting driving. You and your medical marijuana will never be happier.

Buy a Solopipe today and start enjoying the good life!

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