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The Classic Genius Pipe

Genius Pipe

The Genius Pipe has a completely original design and patented waterless filtration system that makes this loose leaf pipe of unprecedented design and quality.

The Genius will fit in most pockets or purses and is ideal for smoking on-the-go. Unlike bongs and bubblers, the Genius Pipe cools and filters smoke using a waterless filter that doesn’t water down the flavor and aroma of dry herbs.

Simply slide the magnetically-connected plate to line up each cut-out with the bowl. Then the Genius Pipe plate covers the bowl to keep your loose leaf from blowing out.

The makers of the Genius Pipe followed the principles of zen design to hone in on the traditional herb pipe and create a masterfully simple and effective pipe. With 12 strong magnets snugly holding each piece together, the Genius Pipe is incredibly easy to use and clean.

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