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The Twister Pipe

Twister Pipe

The Twister Pipe is a unique and discreet wood pipe.

The Twister is made with hardwood, stainless steel, and a brass mouthpiece. Two ventilation holes on the sides of the pipe help cool down your smoke, a surprising feature on such a small pipe.

Twist closed the Twister Pipe and it fits into even the smallest pocket on your jeans. Once turned open at the swivel joint, you’ll be amazed by how much you can fit into the bowl!

A stainless steel path directs smoke to the mouthpiece and collects resin, which can be easily reached by unscrewing the anodized aluminum middle piece from the wood bottom piece. Scrape out the gooey goodness for re-use while keeping your Twister Pipe’s airway clear for an effortless hit every time!

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