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The Classic Wood Dugout One Hitter Pipe

Wood Pipe
Awesome, simple, and elegant one hitter pipe!

As you know most dugout wood pipe systems come with a straight bat shaped pipe. What you’ll love about this pipe system is it comes with a smooth wood dugout with two sliding panels. One panel reveals your stash, the other reveals your hand carved wood one-hitter.

The wooden one-hitter has an actual bowl, versus the straight, chillum type bat style. This allows you to see the cherry as it burns your bud and helps keep your prize nugs from falling out when you’re in a rush.

Everything is quality construction here. Your wood dugout pipe system is a compact 3.2 inches by 1.6 inches and more than a half inch thick. It makes for a perfect travel pipe and is only $10 bucks.

Buy yours today!


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