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AgroLED Grow Lights

New LED Lights Combine T5 and LED technology. Simply brilliant!

When growing mj indoors, you have about three types of lights to choose from.

1. +600watt / +1000watt HPS [High Pressure Sodium] costs = $$$$
yield = A+
drawbacks = incredible heat source. requires additional equipment and ventilation to pull heat away from plants. typically used for commercial grows or large grows.

2. T5 Fluorescent Bulb
costs = $$
yield = B
drawbacks = less energy used than HPS, more than LED. mild heat signature. fire danger is lower. heat controlling mechanisms not necessary. yields good strands but not as much as HPS. These bulbs can be used to grow marijuana on a budget.

3. LED
costs = $$$
yield = B/C
drawbacks = some say LEDs work and others disagree. Absolutely zero heat. Less energy of all bulbs. can produce grow spectrum with some leds but many oversea manufacturers are ripping off consumers. They are selling “LED” lights very cheap but they are not the ones that produce the grow spectrum. So buyer beware.

But a new product I saw totally sold me on the fight to which bulb I would use. I knew HPS was not necessary for me so it was a toss up between T5’s or LED’s. Sun Light Supply Inc. fixed my problem with the AgroLED. I’m speechless. Can’t wait to try this thing out. Stay tuned…
AgroLED Grow Lights Marijuana

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