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Americans support medical marijuana

We like medical marijuana. And according to a recent poll, so do most Americans.

Marijuana PollThe poll, conducted by CBS found that over 75% of Americans think that doctors should be allowed to prescribe marijuana for patients suffering from serious illnesses. 77% to be exact.

Legalization is a bit different. Only 40% of Americans think marijuana should be legalized for everyone, but that figure is slowly increasing. In 1979 only 27% of Americans though marijuana should be legalized. Legalization is most popular among the 18 – 29 year old population, where over half (52%) think marijuana should be legalized. It is least popular among the 65+ age group, where only 28% support legalization.

Even though legalization isn’t in the near future, at least the majority of Americans are beginning to realize and accept that medical marijuana helps the seriously ill and should be available for those that need it.

See the entire poll results at CBS marijuana poll.

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