Sun , February 25, 2024
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Home > Dan's Stash > Was on a CBS 5 News “Report” Last Night! Was on a CBS 5 News “Report” Last Night! made CBS 5 news last night when a CBS 5 “investigative reporter” feebly attempted to “expose” medical marijuana delivery services because he (mistakenly) believes they are all operating illegally.

While some delivery services might be operating illegally, the delivery services listed on are operating legally because they are either state-licensed dispensaries offering deliveries or medical marijuana patient-to-patient exchange delivery services which are authorized under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act that clearly states that “qualifying patients can obtain medical marijuana from a dispensary, the qualifying patient’s designated caregiver, another qualifying patient, or, if authorized to cultivate, from home cultivation.”

In the future, this “investigative reporter” and the CBS 5 news team need to investigate Arizona’s medical marijuana laws before creating another biased story.  Watch this “reporter’s” pathetic attempt to compare Arizona’s legitimate medical marijuana delivery services to pizza deliveries.

Ron Burgundy could have made a far better investigative report!

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