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Introducing Chef Greenspoon: Recipes and Classes

Chef GreenspoonI want to take a minute to introduce Chef Alan Greenspoon to the AZmarijuana.com community. Chef Greenspoon will be contributing some very tasty recipes to our marijuana edibles section (aka medibles). You can check out his first contribution to our recipe section later this week: Blueberry Canna-pote. You’ll love this recipe, it looks amazing (and strong). In fact, I think I will make the interns cook some up for us this week. 🙂

Chef Greenspoon also teaches classes for marijuana patients. The classes cover the basics of how to infuse marijuana into food properly as well as cooking techniques to use when making medibles. The classes are held twice a month. You can find more info and class times on Chef Greenspoon’s AZMJ Trusted Business page.

Chef Greenspoon is one of the most qualified marijuana chefs that we have met. Not only he a great chef, but he understands how marijuana should be used in food and he genuinely cares about helping patients medicate correctly.

So keep an eye out for more marijuana recipes and cooking tips from Chef Greenspoon in the near future.

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