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Marijuana Edibles: YiLo Grape Juice

YiLo JuiceYiLo’s medical marijuana-infused grape fruit juice is a delicious, convenient and healthy way for Arizona’s medical marijuana patients to medicate.

YiLo products are sold at most dispensaries.

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YiLo Grape Juice comes in four THC-only strengths (60mg, 120mg, 180mg, and 240mg) and two CBD-only strengths (60mg and 180mg). The color of the bottle cap indicates the potency and cannabinoid content.

Liquids tend to digest quicker than marijuana-infused food edibles such as cookies or brownies. The Review Team found that the grape juice began working in 15-45 minutes and lasted for 1-3 hours, or more, depending on the person’s tolerance.

YiLo’s Grape Juice is a fantastic substitute to smoking and provides a quick remedy for many ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety, spasms, and more.

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