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YiLo Medical Marijuana Brownies

YiLo-Medical-Marijuana-BrowniesYiLo’s medical marijuana brownies are some of the best edibles in Arizona!

YiLo brownies are made by an Arizona dispensary, which means that their potency and quality of ingredients are always consistent.

The Review Team tested YiLo’s Chocolate Fudge brownies. We all thought the brownies tasted amazing. Within an hour the brownies slowly progressed into a very relaxing mind and body high. A few Review Team members with chronic pain found great improvement in pain relief from the YiLo brownies. Another Review Team member found that the YiLo brownies helped to calm stress and allowed for eight hours of peaceful sleep.

We also found that everyone’s tolerance to edibles is quite different. Some Review Team members preferred a piece of brownie with only 20mg of THC, while others preferred 120mg. We found that it is best to play it safe by consuming a small amount of brownie and then increasing the dosage if necessary.

YiLo brownies are sold at many dispensaries throughout Arizona.  View the Dispensary Map to find dispensaries.  YiLo brownies are inexpensive and come in four flavors: Chocolate Fudge, Cappuccino, Black Forest, and Caramel. YiLo brownies also come in three levels of THC: 60mg, 120mg, or 180mg.

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