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How to Clean a Bong

Do you want to know the best way to clean a bong? The inevitable evolution of the bong has gone from the Paleolithic, straight tube and shot gun carb, to stellar, handcrafted glassworks of art, complete with all-glass slider bowls, ash catchers, delicate multi-armed percolators and diffusers.

Any true cannabis connoisseur will stop at nothing to create the finest smoking experience possible. The challenge is as glass blowers create wilder, more imaginative and aesthetic smoke-ware, they use the highest quality borosilicate, Schott, Duran, or Pyrex glass available, not to mention adding amazing gold and silver fumed glass works or dichroic effects, which will cost you big time should you break her while cleaning.

Fact is “über” expensive glass bongs have hard to clean nooks and crannies that can crack easily, and break trying to clean out tar and resin stains. So here’s the right and wrong way to clean your prized glass bong: The first thing you don’t want to do is leave behind a chemically toxic residue or use anything abrasive, which might scratch your expensive borosilicate glass. For example, do NOT use toxic scrubbing bubbles, brake or carb cleaners, acetone, kerosene or “quats” as found in Formula 420.

The most popular means for cleaning glass bongs is using Isopropyl alcohol and rock salt, called “salting out.” Because isopropyl alcohol will mix with water by adding inorganic table salt, it makes the alcohol less soluble, creating a “solvent layer” that works quite well on dissolving resin and tars. The only drawbacks are you need a larger salt crystal to “scrub” the glass well enough and isopropyl is toxic.
Bottom line is any kind of “scrubbing” scratches quality borosilicate, Schott, Duran, or Pyrex glass, both weakening your glass bong and creating micro-scratches where more tar and resin can build up, PLUS hot rinsing risks cracking delicate glass parts. To cut to the chase, the best way to clean your glass bong is with a concentrated 100%, non-hazardous, green, biodegradable alternative to all other harmful cleaners. We highly recommend Kleen Green Gold.

Kleen Green Gold easily mixes with distilled water to create a new environmentally and biologically safe technology, whereby microscopic energy fields of negative ions create a unique molecule, which is non-abrasive even to the finest bong glass works. A team of organic scientists specifically developed Kleen Green Gold to be the gold standard of SAFE and EFFECTIVE glass bong cleaners.
Kleen Green Gold leaves ZERO RESIDUE, is made with NO VOCS (volatile organic compounds) and quickly removes stains from molds, fungus, mildew, tars, oils, and resins on virtually any ceramic, glass, metal, or plastic surfaces. INGREDIENTS: 100% Non-Hazardous, green, biodegradable Botanical (Plant Based) Soap Formula made with de-ionized water, fatty acids, organic alcohol, folic acid, mineral based surfactants.

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